Prediction of Covid-19 Cases:
•The dashboard gives detailed State-wise and district-wise predictions of Covid-19 cases in India for a three-week period.
•The data is updated on a weekly basis to accommodate various effects due to administrative interventions, severity of viral strain, change of weather patterns.
•It also accounts for the effect of different lockdown scenarios such as the effect of locking down district boundaries, and implementing different levels of lockdown within a district.
•It also includes the effect of movement of population across district/state borders in the wake of Covid-19.
•Provides R0 Value
•PRACRITI provides the R0 values of each district and State based on data available from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), and the World Health Organization (WHO). Reduction of R0 is key in controlling and mitigating Covid-19 in India.