Geographical Indication (GI)-1

▪️It is an insignia on products having a unique geographical origin and evolution over centuries

Geographical Indication  

Three Important treaties related to Geographical Indication   1)  Paris Conve

Agasthya hills:2

▪️In Tamil traditions, Agastya is considered as the father of the Tamil language and the compile

Agasthya hills:1

▪️Agasthya hill is a 1,868-metre (6,129 ft) tall peak within Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary, in the W

UPOV Convention

-The International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV) is an intergovernmenta

Breakthrough Energy Coalition

A group of 28 investors from various countries have launched a new global consortium called &nda

Key Biodiversity Areas

is an umbrella term commonly used to include areas that contribute to the global persistence of biod

Permanent wilting point (PWP)

Wilting point (WP) is defined as the minimum amount of water in the soil that the plant requires not

About Global Carbon Project

▪️ The Global Carbon Project was formed in 2001 to help the international science community to e

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