National Policy on Biofuels, 2018-2

It expands the scope of raw material for ethanol production by allowing use of sugarcane juice, suga

National Policy on Biofuels, 2018-1

It categorises biofuels in various categories to enable extension of appropriate financial and fisca

Investment Portfolio of Banks-2

Mark-to-market refers to the reasonable value of an account that can vary over a period depending o

Government Security-2

Short term securities: They are usually called treasury bills, with original maturities of less tha

Government Security-1

A G-Sec is a tradable instrument issued by the Central Government or the State Governments.

Open Market Operations

Open Market Operations (OMO) is one of the quantitative monetary policy tools which is employed by t

Restart of open market operations

The Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) has decided to conduct simultaneous purchase and sale of government

Targeted Long-term Repo Operations

LTRO is a tool that lets banks borrow one to three-year funds from the RBI at the repo rate, by prov

Investment Portfolio of Banks-1

The banks are required to classify their entire investment portfolio under three categories viz. Hel

Special Liquidity Facility for Mutual Funds (SLF-MF)-2

It means that RBI will lend money to banks at current repo rate of 4.4%. Funds availed under the SL